Sex Chat lines, Facebook Maine party,  Behind the Music is Back, Millionaire matchmaker, Battlestar Galactica  Spoiler Alerts,  Are Aliens blasting up with lasers,  Student Supended for Farting, More,  voicemail-207-221-2679, blog:  myspace:  talkshoe:
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Matt tells stories about St. Patties day that took place in Ancient History, Kate performs a drunken rescue, Kate goes to Trader Joe’s, Junk Food not cool in School, New England is Unchurched, Xenu is true, Horoscopes are Bunk.  voicemail-207-221-2679, blog:  myspace:  talkshoe:
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Matt is recording from Atlanta, Liza is jealous of the show, Spreader outer on the Plane, Franklin is an Early Adopter, Kate disrespected a hockey puck, Permissive Parents, Matt’s old school internet tales, new type of condom,  voicemail-207-221-2679, blog:  myspace:  talkshoe:
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Kate uses lotion, Kate goes on the Micheal Phelps Diet, Kids afraid of food, NPR is boring, Are you a Racist?, Women selling eggs for cash, ShamWow vs Scienology,, voicemail-207-221-2679, blog: myspace: talkshoe:
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