Matt screws up the intro..again, Liz has her voice, Dream anaylsis, Childhood Shopping Memories, Hair Cuts for Men, Most Girl Scout Cookies Sold, Solar Powered Underwear, Drinking to Hook up, email:, voicemail: 207-221-2679, myspace:, blog: the music from this is brought to you by the podsafe music network
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Forgetting names, Teaching wizardry, platonic roommates, Binge Drinking College Kids, Women's voices when fertile, Wine is in your head, Voicemail:207-221-2679 email: myspace: blog: This music on the show was brought to you by the podsafe music network
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Adam Sandler, Battlestar Galactica, VCR's, Sober Old Port, Texting and E-mail, Buy Liz a MacBook Air, Talk sweet nothings in the proper ear,Matt screws up the stuff,  Voicemail:207-221-2679, email:, Blog:, myspace:, the music from the show is from the podsafe music network at
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