Matt and Kate go to Rebel Roots fest, Kates Crush makes the papers, We were guests on the Rumor Girls Uncut, Kate eats spinach during E-Coli outbreak.  We bought food, People bought food for the weekend, Matt has special swordfish recipe, People buy interesting things for their weekend at the grocery store. Kate gets cookies from kids at the Laundromat; Kate wants to stalk friends on  Kate is trying to fix up matt. Kate is a book nerd. Matt has to give his cat a pill, Kate starts a new reality show called "Pimp my Friend" Kate gets cousin lost in Portland after going to strip club, Matt had Roommate who stole from him and had a stroke. Kate mumbles to herself while walking around town.  Matt has idea to get guys to quit asking Kate for her number.  Matt and Kate talk about Frienamies.  Kate frienamy is way more famous than her. Matt's frienamy is a time suck. Our friend eric wears bicycle shorts, Matt is being agreeable, Kate is reading transgender Russian literature,  Matt throws away underwear, Kate keeps shirt on so we can't be like Howard Stern.  Kate compares our show to NPR.  We are going to Bebe Buell on Saturday., leave a voicemail at 207-221-2679. myspace at http:// The Music in this show has been provided by the Podshow podsafe music network at, Check out our blog at

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