Matt ate the topic, Matt can't help being a steeler fan, Kate loves football but has limited knowledge, Matt watches football and complains about his lame friends, More superfan shoutouts, DVR is Not TIVO, Battle of the Corner Stores, Dating Coworkers using Sexual Harassment, Kate is having Delusions of Grandeur, Know you audience, Little Miss Sunshine, Bebe Buell Loses wedding ring under porch at java net, Kate still on wagon, Kate meets old boyfriend at Foreplay, Kate acts out to make people break up with her, Matt tells old Fake ID stories, Kate throws a fit, Matt decides to make a podcast with his cats, Shooter sits on command for Lunchmeat, Kate digs musicians, Kate acts like a grown up at the New Girls Network, Kate goes shopping for Working girl clothes, Kate's mom lights up like a tree at Christmas, Kate should beg for forgiveness, Divorcing Parents, Nick and Jessica had a starter wedding, Kate want to go to Remarriages counseling, Little miss sunshine rips the facade of of kiddy beauty pageants, Kate says don't conform,, leave a voicemail at 207-221-2679. myspace at The Music in this show has been provided by the Podshow podsafe music network at, Check out our blog at

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