Kate loves podcasting, New superfan, We need a logo, t-shirt and other promotional items, Kate gets Sexual Harassment Training, Russian Women's is as boring and long winded as Russian Men's literature. Kate is on the no fly list for being a Women's Studies Major, Oprah is an easy target, Kate wants to be a internet celebrity, Kate gives number to another guy she has absolutely no interest in part 2. Friendly toast guy did not call. Kate's friend tries to get Kate to go off the wagon. Kate wants to tell guys she is a lesbian. Matt says guys need to take their Shot, Matt announces new threat to America. Hipster movement is so over, PBR is Dead, Kate wants an activity partner, Matt goes to see the Awesome http://www.awesome80sband.com. Racer-X is not the 80's. Kate should watch TV instead of writing crappy poetry about how she sucks, Kate and Matt think Loveline is awesome. No one listens to Old People unless you are Chinese. Matt's Grandparents likes his brother better than him. Kate and Matt discuss their Ethnic Backgrounds. Kate talks About Blog : http://40ozto-freedom.blogspot.com. Kate talks about going to AA meetings. Kate eats big ass cookie bar before coming over to record. Kate hangs out at another coffee shop with other traitors. Kate brags up her coffee shop. Matt only drinks starbucks on the road. Kate was trying to make out with older boys when Matt started to hang out at Java Net. Kate trolls for listener feedback. Email: talesfromthecounter@gmail.com, leave a voicemail at 207-221-2679. The Music in this show has been provided by the Podshow podsafe music network at http://music.podshow.com

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