Kate fell off the wagon, Kate asked Phil's brother what kind of Porn he downloads, Kate gets busted talking smack about Karla of the rumor girls, Kate wears 70's cop sunglasses, Matt blew off recording on Thursday to eat at Fore Street, Sales Reps use taking clients out as an excuse to party on the company dime, Kate tries to avoid creeps and perv's, Kate's give phone number to guy she has no interest in Dating. Kate is worried about sounding Dumb,Matt struggles with technology, Kate goes shopping, Dyes hair Black and friend says that she is the hottest girl at the Wal-Mart. Shooter entertains Matt's relatives, and bites roommate. Kate tells fortunes with paper fortune telling machine, Matt cannot use fortune machine properly, Matt deconstructs fortune telling machine, Email: talesfromthecounter@gmail.com, leave a voicemail at 207-221-2679. The Music in this show has been provided by the Podshow podsafe music network at http://music.podshow.com
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