Cultural Survival through Lego space ships, Kate quit drinking, decides to post sticky notes instead, Kate loves knife safety, Matt and Kate wake up in strange places after drinking, Kate wakes up with ferret, Matt Defends cousins honor, Kate doesn’t use bottle return money for IRA contributions, Matt looks at art in dark room, Kate is designated driver to strip bar i.e Kate’s goes to high school reunion, Sorostitutes like Miller lite and jello shots,  Kate’s crew define new words. Kate’s mom dresses funny, Kate giggles like grandma, Kate gets coffee at other coffee shops, Matt drinks Dunkin Donuts coffee at 4 am, Kate lusts after a Krispy Kreme donut, bacon egg and cheese sandwich, Kate works out, Matt doesn’t have abs, Matt and Kate have country music trivia Pringles. Email:, leave a voicemail at 207-221-2679. The Music in this show has been provided by the Podshow podsafe music network at

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