Matt sounds like a girl, The Coffee shop has issues with crazy people, Kate cowers in stairwell, and Matt gets punched in the nose and hides from Cops. Kate lets people get away with stuff.  Do the ladies love Chandler Woodcock? Kate berates college newspaper columnist Jake Christie, Matt Twiddles his knobs, Kate has a dry spell, Kate stalks past blowoff, People are hot in their own way,  Kate's friend busts up with a guy like they did on Sex in the City, Kate steals from Adam Curry, Kate doesn't listen to Podcasts, Drunk Dials instead, Kate calls ex and makes racial remarks, Kate has a good time at Meetings, Matt says don't wear square glasses, Kate uses show e-mail address to stalk people on, Kate laughs inappropriately again, Matt tells laughing inappropriately stories, Kate can't buy a black fleece and stresses out her sister, Kate doesn't make Christmas lists, Matt gets nothing for Christmas,  Kate uses guide wires on Christmas tree. Matt promise to get swag for Kate, Calling all guys to ask for kates number., leave a voicemail at 207-221-2679. myspace at The Music in this show has been provided by the Podshow podsafe music network at, Check out our blog at
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